We follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. This program is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering, and Tumbling. Simple thoughtful progressions take the beginner preschool level dancer from log rolls and summersaults to the advanced tumbler tumbling effortlessly across the stage!


Open to ages 7-18, this class will follow the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) syllabus. Each class will include barre work, across the floor, and center combinations. The RAD curriculum is one of the worlds most influential dance education tools. With these guidelines and the instructor’s personal influences, this class will be a strong asset for all dance forms studied at Harmony.

Harmony Squad

Spend a night with friends enjoying your love of dance! No training required for this social evening! Dress up, lip synch, make music videos, and meet some new friends! An evening of fun! 

Cost: $20.00

Hip Hop

Open to ages 7-18, the hip hop program focuses on techniques found in breaking and house dance. The aesthetics and overall foundation of the class will guide the students into authentic grooves, bounces, and codified steps seen in the hip hop community. The classes offered will create a welcoming atmosphere for both experienced and inexperienced dancers, to learn footwork and floor work found in the total body experience that breaking and house dancing provide. 

Dress code: See uniform checklist/retail wall


Open to ages 7-18, this class will be drawing from the swing era of the 1940’s to the melting pot era seen today, the students will engage in a wide spectrum of techniques that blend the old with the new. The dancers will use these techniques while building a foundational understanding of a traditional class structure. 

Dress code: See uniform checklist/retail wall 



Open to ages 7-18, the dancers in this class will be able to use a blend of modern and ballet technique, while focusing on performance qualities such as expressing feeling and passion reflected by music and shown through movement. While being lead by the instructor, the dancer will have an individualistic approach to how they tell their own story based on how the music makes them feel. This style will bring out the true performer inside of each dancer.

Dress code: See uniform checklist/retail wall


Mandatory for company members and open to all Harmony students, this class will enhance overall technical ability. Improving strength, balance, alignment, flexibility, and coordination, dancers will use this time to master their skills and learn new choreography. 

Dress code: See uniform checklist/retail wall

Tippy Toes (daytime and evening class options)

Open to ages 3-6, this class is a great start for any new Harmony student in this age group to complete. With a fusion of Ballet and Jazz, Tippy Toes will build the stepping stones to success by giving each dancer the opportunity to explore what they like, what other styles of dance they would be interested in learning, and giving a positive first experience in dance.

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